Final of the French Football League 2018 PSG/MONACO

Final of the French Football League in Bordeaux on march 31th 2018 between Paris Saint Germain and Monaco. The trophy handled by ATC is 6.40 M height. Our thanks to Circo de Bakuza for the roganization of the ceremony !

Final of the Ligue's Cup in Lyon

Finale of the Ligue' Cup at Olympique Lyonnais. Crystal and gold-leafed cup,6.40 m high for the opening sound and light ceremony with  CIRCO DE BAKUZA Finale de Coupe de la Ligue 2017 Cérémonie d'Ouverture Parc OL - LYON

African Cup of Nations 2017

Opening ceremony of the African Cup of Nations in 2017 in Gabon. In collaboration with The Experience by Richard Attias.

EURO 2016

Orange ball suspended at the Eiffel Tower for EURO 2016. In collaboration with MAGNUM for Orange.