Aire Toiles Concept
Aire Toiles Concept
Aire Toiles Concept

Creator of inflatable decorations and stretched canvas structures for events

ATC creates decorative structures for sporting, cultural and institutional events in France and abroad. Our team of professionals brings together a wide range of skills to bring your ideas to life. ATC is at your service as you plan your event. Our qualified personnel then manufacture your custom decorations.

Aire Toiles Concept Aire Toiles Concept


ATC is an expert in inflatables and stretched canvas decorations for events. We offer full project management, from listening to your inspirations to designing your project to installing your creations on site and bringing them to life with special effects. Whether you arrive with a very specific idea or you need help with design, Air Toile Concept is with you every step of the way: during the design phase, assessing the feasibility of your ideas and planning to make them a reality; during manufacturing with a selection of materials adapted to your event and structures built in our workshops in France; installation by our technicians; staging and entertainment during the event. With our extensive expertise, we can offer you the comfort and reliability of a single contact person from the first sketches of your project to striking the installations.


Do you want your event to stand out with a spectacular ephemeral structure of monumental proportions? ATC gives shape to your most extravagant ideas, artistic projects and major communication events. ATC offers custom service at any scale! We listen carefully to your ideas and evaluate them using our experience, technical skills and creativity. We manufacture your inflatables and canvases in the shapes and sizes you need for your event at our workshops in Brittany. For our inflatables and canvas structures, we select materials specifically adapted to your event and setting. We have the technical and aesthetic skills to create decorations for a solemn ceremony, festive concert or artistic inauguration, using materials and installation techniques specifically adapted to indoor or outdoor events.

Aire Toiles Concept Aire Toiles Concept
Aire Toiles Concept Aire Toiles Concept


ATC is your trusted partner for inflatable sculptures and stretched canvas structures for events. We also take care of setting up the installations on-site. Our technicians know each project intimately. They study the site and installation conditions in advance. We install your decorations in accordance with the agreed-upon timing and methods, adhering to the precise appearance and positioning you expect. Air Toile Concept's services include on-site special effects with spectacular staging such as dropping suspended spheres, revealing works of art, live inflation of characters, unfurling canvases or lighting structures for projection.



ATC - Air et Toiles Concept is an expert in manufacturing, installing and staging inflatable and stretched canvas structures for events around the world. Spheres of all types, mirror bubbles, balloons, balls, objects, works of art, trophies, cups, projection screens, advertising screens, domes, igloos, original shapes, etc.

We are also known for our expertise in reveals, special effects, etc.

We are often involved from the beginning of the project in partnership with our clients all over the world. We decide together how to best render their ideas.

We have had clients in the following regions: Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Hungary, and more), the Middle East (Abu Dabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia), Asia (Japan, Korea), Sub-Saharan Africa (Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Congo, Nigeria), the Maghreb (Tunisia, Morocco), the United States (New York and other states) and Mauritius, Reunion Island and the Antilles.

Depending on the project, we recruit performers and specialists in computer graphics, structures, sewing, materials, painting, assembly, rope access,

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Aire Toiles Concept


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