Aire Toiles Concept

ATC, expert in inflatables, here for your project

ATC is a partner you can trust that will accompany you throughout your project, from design to installation. We specialize in creating stretched canvas and inflatable decorations for events.

We take care of your event decoration project

The ATC design office has been designing and building innovative and monumental structures since 1994.

With our consistent experience, limitless creativity and in-depth knowledge of the latest materials, our team begins by listening to your ideas, whether they are well developed or only sketches.


You can trust our experience in professional inflatables and stretched canvas

If you have a specific idea of the structure you would like to see take shape or the scenic effect you are looking for, ATC will study the feasibility of your project and estimate cost and time required, as well as any potential technical constraints.

Drawing on our technical expertise and past projects, our ATC team will help you refine your ideas and imagine unique structures and decorations for your event. We will suggest the materials and canvases best adapted to your project and its long-term or temporary installation indoors or outdoors.

Construction and on-site installation of giant inflatable structures

The inflatables, banners, spheres, stretched canvases or inflatable canvases are then built with care using innovative techniques in our French workshops.

All of our creations are custom made using materials specifically selected for resistance, fluidity or fireproofing and aesthetics (mirror effect, transparency, printing, projection surface).

Installation and staging of inflatables for your event

ATC will be by your side start to finish. Our own technicians will build the inflatables and stretched canvas structures and install them on site. We take care of your entire project, guaranteeing a seamless result, ease of communication with a single contact person, complete expertise and excellent customer service.

Our teams install your giant inflatables with professionalism and advanced techniques. We can do live releases for exceptional scenic effects.

Trust ATC to use your inspirations and desires to turn your cultural or sporting, national or international event into a unique and memorable experience. Air Toile Concept's team will accompany you, from initial questions to staging on the day of your event.

Aire Toiles Concept
Aire Toiles Concept
Aire Toiles Concept