Aire Toiles Concept

ATC creator of custom inflatable structures for events

Air Toile Concept creates inflatable decorations and stretched canvas structures that meet the demands of major events. Our spectacular creations, monumental in size, are designed to be ephemeral.

ATC creates your stretched canvas and inflatable decorations

ATC has been an expert creator of inflatables for events for more than 25 years. We create unique, custom pieces in close collaboration with our clients.

Our teams give shape to specific ideas after studying their feasibility. We also assist event planners in designing and imagining their projects if necessary.

Inflatable sculptures designed for the conditions of your events

Each inflatable or stretched canvas structure created by ATC is designed specifically for your event: indoor, outdoor, with or without contact with the public, to be suspended or installed on the ground, weather resistant, created to last or as temporary decoration.

For indoor events at prestigious sites including the Grand Palais, Galleries Lafayette, the Invalides and the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, we select extremely fireproof materials for our canvases and light PVC structures.

ATC adapts to outdoor weather conditions with resistant materials to suspend a giant ball from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, decorate a stadium, mount a giant inflatable armchair in the Egyptian desert or open the African Games.

Ephemeral decorations: giant inflatable and stretched canvas structures

Air Toile Concept provides custom services specific to each event. We collaborate with you in advance and deliver in time for your event.

Our teams are also with you on the day of the event, installing the structures on site and participating in staging if necessary. We can reveal the giant structure live, dropping an inflatable sphere, for example. We decide how long the inflatables and stretched canvas structures are exhibited or when they appear, depending on your event. Repeated reveals, for a concert tour for example, temporary installation at a cultural exhibition or sports tournament for several weeks or months, or a very short installation at a fashion show, trade fair or ceremony are all possibilities.

Even the most extravagant inflatables

Offering custom decorations for events means listening to your most ambitious ideas. ATC has experience with large-scale creations at international and prestigious events.

We can give form to an infinite number of ideas with our expertise in the latest techniques for mounting canvas and inflatable structures: spheres of all sizes, objects of various shapes, characters and logos in color, mirror or transparent materials.

Contact us to create your custom inflatable.

Aire Toiles Concept
Aire Toiles Concept
Aire Toiles Concept