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Creation of custom inflatable structures for your cultural events

Creator of custom inflatables, ATC builds large-scale sets and structures for cultural events.

Designed specifically for your artistic project or public cultural event, we create inflatables and stretched canvas structures in a wide variety of shapes and colors for a unique and spectacular look.

Giant inflatable structures and decorations for cultural events

ATC creates inflatable structures and sculptures for all types of cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, haute couture fashion shows, inaugurations and pluri-disciplinary arts events. With more than 25 years of experience making professional custom-made inflatable structures, ATC has contributed to the decor and visual promotion of prestigious cultural events, from Indochine concerts to Dior fashion shows, including exhibitions and musical events at the Grand Palais, the Interceltic Festival in Lorient, the Damien Hirst exhibition in Qatar, the Lyon Festival of Lights and the Brixen Water Light Festival.

Inflatable and stretched canvas structures can have a variety of uses at cultural events. They can be used as the set for a show, come to life with special effects, become projection surfaces, or be used as protection for a spectacular reveal at an inauguration.

Professional inflatable structures for indoor and outdoor events

One of the advantages of inflatables and stretched canvas structures is that they can be installed temporarily without affecting the existing architecture. ATC's custom creations can thus be placed in prestigious sites such as exhibition halls like the Bourget, museums like the Grand Palais, historic city centers or monuments like the Eiffel Tower.


With our diverse range of materials, from mirrored PVC to projection canvas, we can create structures for both indoor and outdoor cultural events. We select materials based on the project’s aesthetic requirements (in terms of fluidity, color and effect), as well as the constraints of the event site. For outdoor cultural events, we select weather-resistant materials and prints, as well as specific anchors; for indoor events, we use fireproof materials that are designed for contact with the public.


Tell us your inspirations for giant inflatable sculptures or stretched canvas structures for a cultural event. Our teams will help you imagine your decor, manufacture the structures in our French workshops, and take care of the installation and special effects on site.