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Custom inflatable decorations for sports

ATC, builder of inflatables, creates large-scale decorations for sporting events. International sporting events, major tournaments, races, championships and sports meetings need striking, ephemeral decorations.

Stretched canvas creations and inflatables are perfect for these events: they allow for custom creation, quick installation and unlimited ambition.

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Giant inflatable structures and decorations for sports

ATC has high-level experience in creating giant decorations for sporting events. We have put our skills to work in the world of sports, from the French Open Grand Slam to the European Football Championship, the Vendée Globe, the African Games, the Champions League, the Asian Cup of Nations, the Formula E Grand Prix and the Olympic Games. Our inflatables can be used to create enchanting decorations for opening ceremonies and we can print on stretched canvas for decorations, information and sponsoring.

ATC can also completely outfit temporary event structures such as original ephemeral villages for sporting events.


Custom-made professional indoor and outdoor inflatable structures

Inflatables and stretched canvas creations are infinitely customizable. Depending on your agency's projects, ATC can design creations of an infinite variety, such as those we have already made for major sporting events: the giant tennis ball that hung from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower for the Roland Garros tournament, a trophy several meters high at the UEFA Champions League, giant screens and over 6,500 m2 ground cloth at the African Games, and an 8-meter high logo for the Olympic Games in Rio.

ATC brings your project to life by creating gigantic trophies, mascots, machines and logos to decorate stadiums and any other sporting facility that hosts an event. Tell us your ideas: depending on your budget and deadlines, we can make sports decorations and structures of all sizes, for indoor or outdoor use.

We can create decorations and structures to be used by the public, such as PVC igloos or temporary exhibition structures, completely custom built for your event.

Like the biggest international sports organizations, trust ATC to decorate your events. Through unique stretched canvas creations or large inflatable structures, we give shape to your most original ideas or provide a turnkey service, from design to installation on site. Entrust the decoration of your next sporting event to Air Toile Concept and give it the scope it deserves. Contact us today to discuss your project.