Aire Toiles Concept

On-site assembly of your inflatable and special effects

ATC offers a complete service, from design to on-site installation and special effects on the day of the event.

ATC supplier of giant inflatable structures and partner for your events

Because we design custom structures, our projects require detailed study of the site. We confirm the feasibility of your decorations, the dimensions of the inflatables, how they will be installed and which materials will be used depending on the conditions on site.


On the day of the event, the structure will be placed in its environment for the first time. Installation is as crucial the manufacture of the structure. It requires specific assembly techniques and in-depth knowledge of the materials used.

Technicians specializing in assembly of inflatable structures

Our own technicians install your inflatable and stretched canvas structures, ensuring impeccable service.

On-site assembly is an indispensable part of the project. The technicians in charge of assembly understand event planners’ expectations regarding aesthetics and staging.

ATC takes care of all the stages of your large-scale event decor project internally, keeping you up to date and guaranteeing successful production. This process means that you have a single point of contact, we can easily adapt to last-minute constraints and we meet the event planner’s expectations and deadlines.

Public assembly of structures and on-site entertainment

Our giant sculptures, whether they are inflatables, custom-made event structures or spheres made of stretched canvas, are designed to surprise, challenge and be seen from afar, immersing the audience in your universe. An inflatable structure does not actually take shape until it is installed on site.


ATC's creations can be installed before the event to be ready for opening day, or they can be inflated during the event with spectacular staging.

Advanced installation techniques for inflatable sculptures

Air Toile Concept's technicians are masters of these assembly and reveal techniques, meaning that installing our structures can be a show in and of itself. Our technicians can work behind the scenes to assemble your giant structures or take part in the performance with large-scale staging effects including live inflation, releases, flying spheres or unrolling canvases.

Our structures can be used as projection surfaces if the right kind of canvas is used, making them the focal point of the show. During the event, we work on site in close collaboration with the technical and stage teams.

Aire Toiles Concept
Aire Toiles Concept
Aire Toiles Concept